Vector Based Graphics Files:

Our first choice for file format is vector (outline) graphic files because they are resolution independent (we are able to scale these images up without any loss of quality). This is the best format to send sign graphics to us as we generally won't have to alter your artwork. It's important to understand that most vector graphics programs can include bitmap graphics or effects. These are not vector graphics. A vector graphic only contains outlines. We will except files from the following vector graphics programs: -

    • CorelDraw .cdr files version 5-11
    • Adobe Illustrator .ai files version 11 and lower
    • Encapsulated PostScript Files .eps

    Remember to convert all text to paths, curves, outlines before sending us your file.


Bitmap Based Graphics Files:

Bitmap graphic files are pixel-based formats. This is the best format to send pictures to us. While we prefer vector graphics for sign art, we will accept bitmap based images, but we will have to re-create your design using your file as a guide. We will accept files from the following raster graphics programs:

    • Photoshop .psd files version 8 and below - TIFF .tif files
    • JPEG .jpg files*
    • Bitmap .bmp files*
    • GIF .gif files*

Be aware that if you are sending a sign layout in this format that we will only be able to use your file as a guide and we will have to re-create your artwork.Also note that your pictures will be output at 300 dpi in the final size.

*While suitable for web files, we don't recommend using these files for printing.


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